Since 2010, we have been exclusively dedicated to the manufacture of automatic covers for swimming pools. Standard and custom designs.

With more than 500 manufactured covers, our I+D+i department is responsible for developing, improving and adapting the product to the needs of the client.



  • The sheets that make up the pool covers ensure high buoyancy and do not deform with heat or cold. CUBRITEC GUARANTEES THE QUALITY AND RESISTANCE IN THE MATERIALS USED.

  • Our covers provide global security since they resist a person weighing up to 100 Kg. SECURITY AND COMFORT FOR THE WHOLE FAMILY.

  • Reduction of 30% in cleaning costs, 20% in the use of chemicals and 50% savings in dehumidification, among others. SAVING IN ALL ASPECTS.

  • The opening of the cover is done in just a few minutes by means of a key or remote control. In this way, the aua is kept clean. Odors are reduced and the installation of guides is not necessary. COMFORT AND CLEANING.